Interpret This: A Digital Media Experience

by Claire Owens

This semester my fourth year Film & Media production class had the opportunity to do a group project together. You heard me, an entire class doing a group project together. Alas, the 24 of us got to brainstorm ideas, implement a plan, and host an event displaying our work.

The idea we decided upon used the popular social platform Vine as a means of expressing how we “interpret” certain constraints.

Each student had to make 24 Vines.
Each Vine had to correlate with a predetermined group of 24 words.
Each word had to correlate with an hour of the day.


We were broken up into various teams (creative, marketing, video and web) to make our vision come to life. The end result was pretty cool. We held an event at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre on campus where people could come and view our website which hosted everyone’s Vines in a number of ways.

You can check out the full experience yourself at

A documentary highlighting the process from beginning to end is currently in the works. I’ll be sure to post it on here once it’s finished! In the meantime, check out a segment Queen’s TV did on Interpret This: