The Graduate

by Claire Owens

Look at me, mom!

Grad Photo

(try to disregard the watermarks)

Just a few months ago I stumbled across my Grade 8 graduation photo and I couldn’t believe how different I looked (let’s just say, I wear a lot less makeup now). Now, I’m staring at a photo that captures another particular time in my life.

As my undergrad comes to a close I’ve become more and more aware of the amazing environment I have been immersed in over the past four years. So much has happened that it is impossible to put into words how this time has been. There are just way too many adjectives!

All I know is that in a few years and even a few decades, I’ll be looking at this picture and thinking about all the amazing things I’ve gone through – good and bad – during my University years, and that’s pretty freakin’ exciting to me.